How to enable Apple Pay

Revv supports Apple Pay, which allows iOS users to make quick and secure donations using payment methods stored in their Apple Wallet. 

To enable Apply Pay on your account, go to your settings, click Form, check Enable Apple Pay, and then click save. Revv will then register your domain with Apple. This may take a moment. Once your domain has been registered with Apple, you will see "You've enabled Apple Pay for your account."

We allow you to choose which forms you would like to enable Apple Pay for. You can enable Apple Pay on individual donation forms in the Form Builder tool by checking Enable Apple Pay. (Note: Toggling this feature will disable all upsell steps on the form for donations using Apple Pay. This will not affect regular credit card payments.)

Click save. You're now set to receive payments via Apple Pay.


Who can use Apple Pay?

Apple rolled out the ability for websites to accept payments via Apple Pay with its release of iOS 10 (Previously, it was only offered for native iOS apps). Any users who have iPhones that support Apple Pay and have updated to iOS 10 can use Apple Pay. The majority of iPhone users have updated to iOS 10.

Additionally, any Macbook user using Safari with handoff enabled for their iPhone using iOS 10 can use Apple Pay. 



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